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20 days






Our task was to craft a point-of-view deck for the Ministry of Law within a tight timeframe of one month, serving as a pre-sales initiative to secure a new project.


We successfully delivered a comprehensive deck that provided insights into our perspective on the subject matter, coupled with a succinct overview of the design process. This document not only showcased our capabilities but also sparked a strategy sprint with the Ministry of Law, opening the doors to potential collaboration.

There were various complications and hurdles: - Understanding the nuances of arbitration and mediation within the legal domain posed a significant challenge, especially with a deadline of just 20 days. -Additionally, as a lead, it was my first experience spearheading such an initiative, stretching beyond my comfort zone to guide the team amidst the time constraints. - Moreover, being new to the company, grasping team dynamics added another layer of complexity.

Taking ownership of navigating through unfamiliar territory, I embraced the challenges head-on and emerged with a profound sense of accomplishment. This experience served as a testament to my capacity to seize initiatives that demand quick thinking and decisive execution, earning the trust and confidence of my superiors. Furthermore, it highlighted my adeptness in creatively applying design thinking methodologies across diverse and dynamic situations, solidifying my reputation as a versatile and resourceful leader within the organization.

This experience stands as one of my most cherished achievements, underscoring the importance of venturing into uncharted territories. Through this journey, I unearthed invaluable insights into my own strengths and weaknesses, reinforcing the notion that growth often flourishes in the face of new horizons. This snippet captures just 0.01% of the project's excitement. To delve deeper, reach out to discover how my detailed approach can benefit your organization.

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