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Unified Intranet Platform, Streamlining Functional Tasks with Consistency, Intuition, and Personalization




1 year


Employee experience


Discovery, Research, Concept, Execution


This collaboration with a prestigious brand was centered on elevating their employee experience through a digital intranet platform. The client approached us with a vision to overhaul their intranet experience, aiming to garner adoption from over 75 subsidiaries for a unified intranet solution.


The culmination of our efforts yielded resounding success, evidenced by glowing client feedback. With an impressive average user rating of 4.57/5 across workstreams, our program showcased excellence in design thinking, agile development, and teamwork. Our initiative notably enhanced employee experience, freeing up valuable time and earning accolades from both clients and peers. Noteworthy achievements include the prestigious recognition of receiving the Best Account - Design Excellence Award in 2021. Furthermore, my adept handling of clients and workstreams resulted in a well-deserved promotion to Associate Design Director.

The project posed numerous challenges: - Complex evaluation and strategic planning for over 100+ portals that were established over a decade. - Decision-making necessitated extensive collaboration among multiple teams, resulting in delays and inefficiencies. - The absence of a clear product timeline exacerbated the chaos in project planning. - Negotiating design expectations was also critical, ensuring realism throughout the process.

As a Design Lead, I recognized the need for decisive action and assumed full responsibility for the project's execution. Leading 5-6 workstreams simultaneously, I orchestrated seamless collaboration and delivery to engineering teams, adeptly navigating trade-offs along the way.

My profound realization was recognizing that design isn't confined to the digital realm alone. It encompasses the bonds we nurture, the tough conversations we engage in, and the collaborative solutions we uncover together as a team. This broader perspective reinforces the importance of holistic thinking to create meaningful impact and drive positive change. This snippet captures just 0.01% of the project's excitement. To delve deeper, reach out to discover how my detailed approach can benefit your organization.

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